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Total Triage

Total Triage Going Live 18 March 2024

Total triage is an online booking system that allows patients to book an appointment at their GP practice and allows the GP practice to get the patient in with the right clinician at the right time.

Why Change
Our list size is growing each year and our financial envelope is not keeping up.
It will alleviate pain point like the 8am phone line dash or the long queue at the front door.
Its a more effective way for us to better match our capacity with patient demand.
Total triage can help to prioritise patients who need help most urgently, and also removes the stress and difficulty of managing multiple channels of patient inbound requests.

How does it work?
Patients will make contact via an online form or patient version.
Patient unable to complete the online form will be supported by our Patient Services team.
Our form asks you to describe your medical problem, asks how long have you had these symptoms and how would you like help etc.
The request will be resolved immediately or assigned to the most suitable colleague.
If assigned to a colleague they will be in touch with you

What does it mean for our patients?
Patients will be triaged each day to allow us to treat the more urgent conditions and pre-book non urgent issues at a more appropriate time.
Triage will open up more appointments so giving us greater capacity.
Patients will be seen by the most suitable clinician at the right time for the condition they have.