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Getting the Right Help

Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (NHS CPCS)

The aim of NHS CPCS is to:
Improve access for patients with minor illnesses and for those with higher acuity illnesses or complex health needs by facilitating quick and convenient consultations with the right healthcare professional in a way that is safe and effective.

Our Patient Services Team can refer you to the scheme.

Community pharmacies will use NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries to manage the presenting

The following list is not exhaustive but reflects the case mix based on current NHS 111 referrals:

Acne, Spots and Pimples
Allergic Reaction
Ankle or Foot Pain or Swelling
Arm Pain or Swelling
Athlete's Foot
Bites or Stings, Insect or Spider
Cold or Flu
Earache, Ear Discharge or Ear Wax
Eye, Red or Irritable
Eye, Sticky or Watery
Hair Loss
Hip, Thigh or Buttock Pain or Swelling
Knee or Lower Leg Pain or Swelling
Lower Back Pain
Lower Limb Pain or Swelling
Mouth Ulcers
Rectal Pain, Swelling, Lump or Itch
Shoulder Pain
Skin, Rash
Sleep Difficulties
Sore Throat and Hoarse Voice
Tiredness (Fatigue)
Toe Pain or Swelling
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Itch or Soreness
Wound Problems - management of dressings
Wrist, Hand or Finger Pain or Swelling
Minor Ailments
These can often be treated at home without needing to see a doctor. Your local pharmacist can give you professional advice regarding medicines that you can buy over the counter

The nearest pharmacies to the surgery are:

  • Lo Pharmacy, next door
  • Boots Pharmacy, Heely Retail Park