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GP Training

Training Doctors

We are an approved training practice for qualified doctors who want experience in general practice and we are assessed regularly by the Regional Committee for General Practitioners and have doctors at various stages of their careers working within the practice, as well as medical students.

Sloan Medical Centre has 2 experienced GP trainers, Dr D Greenstreet and Dr C Evans, who help to train and supervise the various types of learners.

GP Registrars

These doctors have chosen to become GP's and will have already completed their two foundation years; they then train for a further 3 years to become GPs.

Although they are still in training, they have a wealth of experience from previous health care settings, often stimulating us with up to date and new ideas from hospital specialists.

As part of their GP training they are attached to GP Trainers. This means that each registrar, whilst working autonomously, will be supervised and monitored by the partners here.

It could mean some consultations may need to be videoed, this will only happen with your permission. The videos are used for educational purposes helping doctors reflect on their communication skills and also as an assessment tool to monitor their progress

Medical Students

Our medical Students are supervised by Dr E Hocking and Dr B Sloan

Students mostly sit in with doctors to learn about consulting and communication skills. However, they may also start a consultation to help them learn about gathering information about symptoms before a GP steps in to help give a diagnosis and decide what treatment might be needed.

Your permission will always be obtained before a student takes part in any consultation.

We really enjoy training the doctors of the future and hope that you will be happy to be part a of this. If you would like to more involved than this then please read the Patient Participation leaflet below, by clicking on the link.

If you have any concerns or questions, we will do our best to fully address them.